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        Chinese |English 24-hour service hotline:963111

        Company Overview

        Haikou Veolia Water is a joint venture by Haikou Water Group and Veolia Water established on October 24, 2007 with a registered capital of 630 million RMB. The joint venture will operate water supply and wastewater treatment business in Haikou for 30 years, including drinking water treatment and process, network construction and maintenance, customer service and wastewater treatment. Drinking water supply and wastewater treatment capacity is 500,000 tones / day and 300,000 tones / day respectively.

        Haikou Veolia Water is committed to become one of the best water service companies in China by integrating resource from its two shareholders and introducing advanced technology and management expertise to serve Haikou people and contribute to the sustainable development of Haikou.

        • Customer Service Department
          Customer Service Department is a comprehensive platform for handling customer relationship of the company. It is responsible for handling access application, meter reading, payment processing, meter management and customer relationship.
        • Water Quality Monitoring Center
          Founded in 1964, Water Quality Monitoring Center is the largest and best equipped water quality monitoring facility in Hainan Province.
        • Meter Bench Test Center
          Founded in 1961, the Meter Bench Test Center obtained measurement authorization and measurement device repair license from Hainan Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau in 1996 and 2000 respectively and passed subsequent renewal inspections.
        • Mipu Water Treatment Plant
          Mipu Water Treatment Plant currently supplies 70% of drinking water in Haikou. Its source water comes from Longtang in the upstream of Nandu River (Category II quality source water according to national standard.
        • Baishamen WastewaterTreatment Plant
          The design capacity of Baishamen Wastewater Treatment Plant (Phase 1) is 300,000 tones / day. Wastewater is treated with activated sludge and discharged to deep sea.

        Add:Erxi Road 22,Haidian Island,Haikou,Hainan Province


        Telephone: 86-0898-66265218

        Fax: 86-0898-66190398

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